Fans of horrors and the walking undead will be delighted to hear about the video slot game, Zombies, made by famous Net Entertainment. The popular developer of online casino games is apparently quite fond of games with such themes – after all, how else could you explain the fact that there are plenty of these games in its repertoire? There is no need to worry though – all those games are top-notch when it comes to quality and this one is no different. We can guarantee that you will love Zombies – and that you are going to stay for more than just a few spins.

Theme and Graphics

Staying true to the real classics of the horror genre, the game takes place in an empty shopping mall – but is it actually as empty as it looks like? That is for you to discover – we can give you a few clues, however. On your way, you are going to find a number of fairly disturbing items, including gas masks, chainsaws, and even some clubs and axes. That would not be so bad, but, like it or not, there are going to be some actual zombies later on as well. And the chilling soundtrack that will always accompany you on your journey is not going to ease your fears either. In terms of atmosphere, this slot does indeed deliver on all fronts.


Graphics are obviously important, but gameplay is what counts the most and you are not going to be disappointed by what this slot game offers in that department either. First of all, let’s mention the free spins feature that is actually much more exciting in Zombies than it is in most other slots. Three scatter symbols will activate five free spins – not a lot, but the additional benefits that come with them make up for that deficit. Not only will your bet line wins be multiplied after each free spin (up to the x10 multiplier), but players will also be rewarded for each zombie shot during the free spin rounds (an animated shooting sequence is automatically triggered after each free spin).

Furthermore, there are the classic wild symbols and the stacked wild, which appears on reel three and can single-handedly increase your winnings by an unprecedented amount of coins. Finally, a random wild feature may be activated after a spin, changing up to six standard symbols to wild symbols – which, essentially, can instantly turn a losing spin into an incredibly profitable one.


Let us put it this way – it is impossible to go wrong with Zombies. And we are not the only ones who think that, as many of the most popular online casinos are on the same page and have already included Zombies in their line-ups of slot games. It is refreshing, fast-paced, and full of interesting features – it simply does not get any better than that. Those of a weaker nature should be warned though – this game is going to give you chills, either from the creepy atmosphere or from the sheer excitement that comes with big wins!

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Rating 4.5 by CasinoGamesReview