The X-Men have been here since 1963, but they had not really made their mark on the world of online casinos until Playtech’s launch of the X-Men video slot game. This Marvel comics game is a welcome addition to the repertoires of numerous popular casinos with its innovative approach to the entire “Superheroes vs. Villains” concept and stylish graphics. For die-hard fans of the superhero team, the new slot game is definitely a real must-play, but it has something for all kinds of players, no matter where they allegiance might lie.

Theme and Graphics

The visual side of things is always very important and Playtech’s games always deliver in that regard. The game’s symbols are all very thematic, with heroes like Wolverine or Cyclops fighting for the good cause and villains like Magneto, Mystique, or Juggernaut trying to defeat them in the epic struggle. And, on top of that, the battle of good and evil is also accompanied by an intriguing soundtrack that is going to keep you on your toes at all times.


The X-Men slot game includes two special features. The so-called X-Feature is activated whenever any of the hero symbols align in an “X” sign in the middle of the playing board and adds 5x the total bet to the overall winnings for the given spin.

The second feature, which can be activated by three or more scatter symbols, triggers the free games, which are divided into two different modes. The free spins start in the Heroes Mode, which has an unlimited number of free spins (yes, that’s right!) and features an extra wild in the form of Magneto. However, whenever that figure appears on the third reel, the game transfers into the Villains Mode, which is limited to a total of 8 spins. In that mode, Professor X acts as an extra wild and can also shift the game back into the Heroes Mode whenever his symbol appears on the third reel. However, the free games feature ends if that does not happen during the first seven spins of the Villains Mode.


Being part of the Marvel series, the X-Men video slot game is linked directly to the multi-level Marvel Power Jackpot, giving you a chance to win big – the biggest jackpots starts at a base value of €100 000 – while enjoying all the fun without any unnecessary distractions. Entries to the unique jackpot minigame are rewarded on a random basis, although higher bets are rewarded more often than smaller ones, so keep that in mind during your jackpot hunts.


Fans of X-Men and quality slot games are undoubtedly going to be delighted with this Playtech’s addition to the line-up of Marvel slots, but it goes without saying that this game was designed with the general audience in mind and X-Men will indeed appeal even to players that do not know anything about this particular group of superheroes. The game is currently available at plenty of online casinos, including Bet365 and Paddy Power, so give it a try and see for yourself whether it is your cup of tea or whether you prefer some of the other slots from the Marvel line-up instead.

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