Like many casino games, Sic Bo is predominantly a game of chance and this can make it challenging to construct playing strategies that will reduce the house edge and give you the necessary edge to beat the casino. Whereas many casino games require you to adopt a high risk playing strategy to win, Sic Bo has playing strategies to suit both high risk and low risk gamblers.

There are numerous types of Sic Bo bets that can be placed and this can make the game quite complicated to understand. Here are some of the low risk, medium risk and high risk playing strategies that you may choose to use when playing Sic Bo.

Low risk Sic Bo strategy

If you are looking to adopt a low risk Sic Bo playing strategy, look for the bets that have the smallest house edge as you are less likely to lose out altogether. In Sic Bo, the lowest house edge is 2.78% and this can be achieved by using the “Small”, “Big” and “Single” bets.

Big and Small bets: These bets are the closest option to Evens, which means that you are more likely (but not guaranteed) to break even. As you will often find that you will win these bets around half of the time, they are your safest chance of winning bets (albeit on a low payout).

When you place a Big or Small bet, you are betting that the total sum of the three dice will equate to the number on which you have placed your bet. A Small bet involves the numbers 4 to 10, while a Big bet involves the numbers 11 to 17. These bets do not pay out if a “triple” appears. For example, you will not win if you roll three 3s after having placed a Small bet on the number 9. The house edge for Big and Small bets is around 2.78%.

Single bets: For a single bet, you are betting that at least one of the three dice will land on your chosen number. For example, if you bet on the number 5 and one of the dice lands on this number, you will win the bet. If more than one of the dice lands on the number 5, you will win a bigger payout.

Single bets are a more high risk option than Big and Small bets as they will not come up as often. However, they are still considered to be a fairly low risk playing strategy.

Medium risk Sic Bo strategy

If you want to increase your risk without moving into high risk territory, these playing strategies can increase your chances of winning your bets without risking all of your money on bets that will not come off in the majority of cases.

Two dice combination bets: This bet involves placing a bet on which numbers two of the three dice will fall on. To win this bet, two of three dice need to fall on the two numbers that are in the combination that you have placed your bet on. What the third dice falls on is not important.  For example, if you have placed a bet on the number combination 4 and 5, than those are the exact numbers that two of the three dice must land on.

Despite the relatively low house edge of around 2.77%, many players ignore this particular playing strategy. Generally speaking, a two dice combination bet will result in a win for one out of every seven bets. Based on this, it is a riskier option than the Even bets but if you do win, the payout is 6 to 1.

Three-dice total bets: This bet involves placing a bet on the total sum of three dice. Whereas a “triple” will result in losing the bet with a Big or Small bet, you can still win with a “triple” for a three-dice total bet.

If you are going to bet on the total sum of the dice, betting on the numbers 10 or 11 can be the best options as the three dice total is more likely to combine for one of these two numbers than any other three dice total. To reflect this, the potential payout is around 5 to 1 or 6 to 1.

As these are the safest options for betting on three dice totals, the potential payouts are lower than if you were to bet on other three dice totals. For example, betting on either 4 or 17 as the three dice total can yield much bigger payouts but this is closely connected to their tendency to occur infrequently. Both of these totals can only arise from one three dice combination (1-1-2 and 6-6-5).

High risk Sic Bo strategy

If you are prepared to take greater risks in a bid to win more significant amounts of money, placing triple bets can increase the potential for a big payout.

Triple bets: To win a triple bet, all three of the dice need to land on the same number. It does not matter what this number is, as the aim of the bet is for them all to land on one specific number.

As with doubles, this is a difficult bet to win as the likelihood of the dice landing on the same number three times in a row is not particularly favorable. If you want to make a triple bet, this is a better option than a specific triple bet. The potential payout will not be as high but it can still be very generous.

Specific triple bets: For this bet, all three of the dice need to land on your chosen number. Unlike a triple bet, this needs to be the number that you have placed your bet on. This bet has a high payout of 180 to 1, but it is one of the least common occurrences. As a result, it is considered to be a high risk betting option.

Best of luck at the Sic Bo tables!