There is no time to be wasted when you are a casino game developer that tries to compete with the big guns, and Top Game has fully understood this. Only weeks after releasing their pirate themed game, they announced the Lucky Day At The Races and Winner Casino will be the first to introduce it to the public.

The name speaks for itself, and slot game enthusiasts have probably guessed that this game revolves around the world of horse racing. The background and the symbols are all consistent with this idea, and the three jockeys and two horses being the top paying symbols. All the signs are visually appealing and vibrant colors have been used, while the highest payouts are accompanied by cheerful animations.

The slot game follows the same structure as the recent titles released by Top Game, with the wild symbol being depicted by the trophy. It can replace all other signs and when the winning combination is hit, the animation features a jockey grabbing the trophy and the payouts can climb as high as 10,000 coins. Five wild symbols are necessary for such a prize to be awarded, and two of them need to be aligned from left to right.

A lady spectator is the scatter symbol and three of them are necessary for the free spins to be activated, and these can be triggered indefinitely. The more scatter symbols are revealed the better the payouts will be, and equally attractive payouts are made available during the minigame. It begins when the jockey symbol pops up, and players are expected to choose a horse and win the race with the top payouts standing at 7500 coins for five symbols. Winner Casino players have something to look forward to in the new year.