The game designers from Net Entertainment are always full of strange ideas and their newest release, which is called Wild Turkey, is a clear proof of their abilities. It has everything that a good video slot game needs to have – excellent graphics, simple gameplay, and great atmosphere. And, on the top of that, it also has an unique theme and allows players to win massive prizes with a little bit of luck.

Theme and Graphics

The video slot game is set in a remote mountain range in which a tribe of indigenous turkeys lives, worshiping their idols – which actually turn out to be the wild symbols in this game, featuring mythical sage-like turkeys in the form of a totem. The other symbols depict the inhabitants of the mountain range themselves in a true ancient South American fashion, with the less valuable symbols featuring regular warriors and the more valuable ones depicting the tribe’s clergy. Your journeys and explorations will also be accompanied by fitting sounds and music, which do indeed fit into the overall atmosphere of Wild Turkey.


The gameplay of Wild Turkey is rather simple and builds on the golden standards of modern video slot gaming. With five reels and twenty lines, there is nothing that would surprise or confuse you. And that is a good thing – after all, there are plenty of video slots available for those who want to see innovative features and complex gameplay mechanics. However, we all want to be able to enjoy some pure hassle-free entertainment from time to time – and Wild Turkey is the ideal game for such occasions.

The only real feature in Wild Turkey is the wild symbol, which appears only in the main game and which functions as a substitute for all the other symbols. The main catch is that three or more wild symbols appearing anywhere on the reels activate the free spins, which come in much bigger batches than those in other games, with 5 wild symbols triggering 60 free spins in total.

The regular wild symbols do not appear during free spins, but they are replaced by stacked wilds, which have the same function and which bring something special every time they appear, adding two additional free spins to the tally. With that in mind, it is easy to see that, with a little bit of luck, one regular spin can easily turn into a real bonanza. It certainly can – and there is a gargantuan prize of up to 800 000 coins on offer for those who are not afraid of trying their luck!


All in all, Wild Turkey is a game that is going to catch your attention straight away with its unique theme and straightforward gameplay. Unlike other video slots, however, it is not going to let you go after just a few spins, as you will be enjoying every single moment, trying your luck at winning the jackpot-like prizes that are on offer. Go ahead and give it a go – we are sure that this is a game that is going to be topping the various popularity charts in the months to come!

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