USA Online Gambling NewsNew Jersey State Senator Jennifer Beck has declared the federal government’s ban on sports betting to be “unconstitutional” and is ready to press on with plans to allow gambling on sports in New Jersey, despite the ban. In Delaware meanwhile, plans are afoot to push towards fully legalizing online gambling.

In New Jersey, State Senator Jennifer Beck’s comments were made not long after Governor Chris Christie declared in public that the state will have sports betting before 2013.

Beck said, “The [state] attorneys have studied this issue and they feel the federal law is probably unconstitutional. You can’t prohibit or limit certain industry to certain states. I think there is a sense that the federal law won’t survive and that is why the governor has been so strongly advocating for [sports betting].”

She added, “New Jersey is going to move forward and wait for the federal government in essence to come and tell us we can’t. When they say we can’t, I am sure there will be a lawsuit that ensues.”

The current law dates back to 1992 when the US federal government banned sports betting, with only Nevada, Oregon, Montana and Delaware choosing to opt-out of the ban. Of those four states, only Nevada has betting on a large scale, but Delaware is moving ahead with plans to fully regulate online gambling.

A fortnight ago, a bill was approved by a wide margin in the House, that would see residents allowed to gamble online should the Senate pass the legislation. If they do, they will become only the second US state to do so, following in the footsteps of Nevada.

Delaware was also the second state to allow sports betting, again after Nevada, and plans are also afoot to increase the number of sportsbooks operating in the state.

Expert Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz said, “The online gambling community is not going away, it’s only getting larger. States are starting to see the amounts of revenue that could be generated by online gambling, and that type of money is something the states cannot pass up in this economic environment.”