One of the latest addition to the Unibet collection of online casino games was developed by Rival Gaming and goes by the name of Itchin’ 2 Win. This is quite an appropriate title for a scratch card that has all the familiar features of traditional scratch games, with a twist that make it appropriate for those who prefer online casinos. The layout is truly unique, and instead of being asked to scratch one of the cells in a traditional grid, players are instructed to focus on those areas indicated by the man depicted in the picture.

Players can wager as little as 0.01 credits and then slowly climb up the ladder up to a total of 100 credits when they get fully immersed into the gameplay. Despite the original plot, the rules are easy to pick up and master, and the six glowing areas are easily visible, making this title a rather straightforward endeavor. Regardless of what area they choose to scratch, players will be entertained by some amusing animations, as the man performs the action corresponding to the player’s choice.

Rival Gaming didn’t change much when it comes to the manner in which the score is kept, as the results are inscribed on a score sheet with multipliers ranging from 1 to 50. The idea is to unveil three identical multipliers when scratching different areas, to have them applied to the original stake, otherwise the bet is lost. Amusing as it might be to scratch each individual spot, there are players who don’t have the patient or disposition to go through the entire process and for these guys the Reveal button was introduced.

Just as the name suggests, by activating this feature the players would have all the multipliers revealed instantly with the potential profits being clearly displayed. This isn’t the first scratch card game developed by Rival Gaming to go live in Unibet casino and new ones are surely going to be added in the future.