April has been an interesting month for online gambling operators, with several big players releasing the revenue and profit figures for Q1. Results couldn’t be more different though, as some reported all-time highs, while competitors had to accept significant losses.

Unibet was among the successful gambling operators, with the revenue rising over 14% and they could’ve won even more, hadn’t it been for the unfavorable currency exchange rates. Casino revenue amounted for the vast majority of these profits, but the sports betting division was equally prosperous. The bookmaker made a lot of money as a result of Scandinavians and Western Europeans betting massively and they are optimistic about what the World Cup might bring.

In-play betting and mobile wagering amounted for significant chunks as well and the introduction of new software partially explains this success. The Casino division remains the strongest with a steady growth of 8% and it has recently surpassed the £30 million threshold. Q2 reports are unlikely to be that good though, in fact Unibet expects a sharp decrease as a result of the turmoil in Russia as well as a jackpot won by one of the players on the Maria.com brand.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have William Hill, a gambling operator that announced loses for the first quarter of 2014. The explanation provided is that punters were particularly inspired these past couple of months and won the vast majority of bets placed. They are probably unhappy with the result, but on the long run the house always wins, not to mention that the casino division is still very profitable.