Unibet is famous for offering large prizes to progressive jackpot winners and is one of the online casinos in Microgaming network that has an impressive record. The most recent winner comes from Norway and has recently bagged a jackpot of 5.4million Kroner, which is hardly surprising given the high number of players from Scandinavia that this casino accommodates.

Although the amount is considerable, it is only normal for those who hear about his success to wonder how much money would’ve received a player from United Kingdom or another European country that has euros. What makes Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpot special is the fact that it pays the jackpot in the national currency, so those who play in British pounds or euros are going to be awarded prizes in these currencies.

Even so the jackpot is considerable and so far a total of €320 million has been paid to those winning the progressive jackpot in one of the casinos powered by Microgaming software. It is easy to understand the winner’s surprise and satisfaction when he realized that his jackpot stood at 5.4 millions. Initially the Norwegian player assumed that he won 5000 Kroner and only after customer support confirmed his good fortune he realized the magnitude of his success.

The video slot game that helped him become a millionaire overnight goes by the name of the Dark Knight and is immensely popular among those who enjoy Batman movies. The game was released earlier this year and it is very exciting due to its unique way of rewarding jackpots. You don’t need to hit a winning combination or win a minigame to have a chance of cashing in the huge jackpot. There are four progressive jackpots and the player from Norway won the largest one, so his achievement is a worthy example for other Unibet players.