This mid-September Casino Titan rust a special promotion that consists of three sets of bonuses being presented to players, who get to choose the percentage at which their first deposit is matched. Additionally, the MOVIEQUEEN bonus code will trigger a 222% slots bonus and an additional 15 free spins for those players who choose Mermaid Queen video slot.

The first set of bonuses is the MOVIE bonus code, reserved to players who deposit an amount ranging from $21-$400 this week alone. Each bonus code will match the initial deposit by 194%, 209%, 245%, 310% and 345% based on what number players choose to use as an extension. Players can set more or less ambitious goals, based on the amount they are willing to invest which gives them a lot of flexibility.

If you are a table games player, you should focus on the set of three TAKE promotional codes that cover this niche. TAKE118 will require a minimum deposit of $21 and will match the first deposit by 118%, the TAKE165 code raises the minimal deposit to $100 while TAKE270 bonus code demands an investment of $400 or more. The bonus they award goes up as well, so the “nothing ventured nothing gained expression rings particularly true”.

THRILLER1 and THRILLER2 bonus codes are also aimed at table games players with the amount match being 180% for the first code and 230% for the second. Players are expected to deposit $180 for the former and at least $250 for the latter and they should hurry too, because the Casino Titan promotion expires a couple of days from now, on September 26th.