The Marvel series of video slot games is what the developers from Playtech have been focusing on in recent months and their most recent release, which is called Thor – The Mighty Avenger, looks set to take the popularity of the series even further with its astonishing graphics, free-flowing gameplay, and fabulous progressive jackpots.

Theme and Graphics

Fans of the Thor movie will be in for a thrilling ride straight away, as the theme and graphics are based mainly on the popular flick, although even those who don’t know anything about the movie or Norse mythology will be able to enjoy the modern graphics and classy atmosphere.

The symbols themselves depict the main gods and goddesses from Norse mythology, including Loki, Odin, and even Thor himself, with the main hero being featured on the wild symbol. Meanwhile, the scatter symbols show the main hero’s legendary hammer, enhancing the mythical atmosphere even further.


However, fanciful graphics are not what this game is all about. After all, gameplay is what players usually care about the most. Thankfully, Thor – The Mighty Avenger truly delivers in that particular aspect – in fact, there is so much going on that you will have to focus a little bit in order to stay on the top of things.

First of all, single re-spins and free spins are awarded whenever Thor appears on reel 2 or 4 during the main game and they all come with some nice details that enhance your chances of winning.

Secondly, there is the Rainbow Bridge feature that can be triggered by the symbol of Heimdall. Whenever the feature is activated, you will arrive to one of the two different free games, which are called Earth and Jotunheim. Both are played on special reels with some additional symbols thrown in and both will go on until Heimdall appears again and takes you back to the main game.

Both types of free games also include one special feature. In the Jotunheim free games, Laufey can appear and freeze winning combinations to allow you to win much more on the very next spin. In the Earth free games, a scorching giant can appear and blow fire on symbols in order to multiply the winnings from winning combinations in which they participate.


Thor – The Mighty Avenger is a part of the Marvel series and it is therefore linked to the shared multi-level Marvel Jackpot, which allows players to win incredible prizes with a little bit of luck. The top progressive jackpot is always bigger than €100 000, so there is never any shortage of big wins. There is nothing special you would have to do in order to win – just enjoy the game and, every once in a while, you might get an entry to the exciting jackpot minigame.


All in all, Thor – The Mighty Avenger seems to be a great addition to the Marvel series. It might not be the most original game around, but it can provide players with long hours full of electrifying experiences and that is something that is indeed fairly unusual on today’s video slot gaming scene. And the best thing of them all? It is already available at virtually every single large online casino!

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