It is only fair to say that there is no shortage of slot games featuring zombies, but it is equally true that Rival Gaming’s attempt at invigorating the genre is a very inspired one. The software developer came up with another original title that goes by the name of Zombiezee Money, and Unibet is among the online casinos where players can check it out.

Although the plot is pretty much the same with those in similar zombie themed titles, this particular game places the emphasis on gorgeous visuals and sometimes frightening animations. In order to better immerse players into the grim atmosphere of this zombie apocalypse, the developers chose to begin the adventure with a lengthy introductory clip. Not too often, online slots have the ability to surprise players with videos that are actually worth watching, but Rival Gaming is such a worthy example.

Unibet players will quickly get used to the three characters that bring Zombiezee Money to live, and each of them has a catchy name that suggests there method of choice for annihilating the undead. Chainsaw Charley, Flaming Moe and Patty Pipeswinger are relentless in their quest of getting the world rid of zombies and they use chainsaws, flamethrowers or brute force to finish them of. On the other side of the fence, we have endless armies of the undead but also a couple of characters that stand out from the crowd.

By choosing names such as Nurse Necros, Zombdaddy, Zombaby, Zomdaughter or Zomdoggy Rival Gaming made them easy to recognize and impossible to forget. As online slots go, Zombiezee Money stays true to its name and awards a generous jackpot worth 4000 coins to those who discover the hand symbol in various combinations. The scatter symbol is depicted by the quarantine sign and it can award a maximum of 25 free spins when five such symbols are revealed.

The wild symbol is depicted by one of the undead creatures more precisely the Zomdoggy, and it serves the purpose of doubling or even quadrupling the payouts. There are also two bonus rounds and these go by the name of Bunker Bonus and Boneyard Bonus with brains and vault store signs being the ones triggering them. Those who wager the maximum amount on an active pay line can hope to win a top prize of 30,000 coins.