Betsson Casino is only one of the places where players can enjoy the thrills of Mega Fortune, a slot game that is famous for its extraordinary jackpot. Records have been shattered over the course of time, but the one set last week is bound to last for a littler longer. A lucky player scooped the largest jackpot ever to be won, worth in excess of €17 million while playing at PAF online casino.

The popularity of Mega Fortune grew at the same pace as the jackpot and it comes as no surprise that the number of players increases when the jackpot gets higher. When the 40 year old player from Helsinki won the big prize, it was only one hundred thousand short of hitting a psychological barrier of 18 millions. Even so this is by far the largest ever single payout that the online casino industry ever awarded.

While the identity of the player was not revealed, he made some comments and answered questions asked by the casino’s officials. He said that the experience was amazing and his girlfriend was the first to hear about his good fortune, and also the one who helped him deal with the shock. This prize shatters the previous record of €11.7 million and brings Mega Fortune back into the public eye after a couple of years of declining interest.

The number of Betsson Casino players who are now playing it has slightly increased following the news, despite the fact that the jackpot was reset. The present value is of €2 million and growing, but it will take awhile until it will reach double digits again. There is a good chance for someone to scoop it before the jackpot gets even remotely close to the standing record, but this doesn’t make it any less desirable.