Frequent visitors of online casinos have probably already noticed that there has been a massive influx of video slots based around popular movies. The Incredible Hulk, a premium video slot game that was developed by Playtech, is part of the Marvel series and has already managed to get a regular following in the world of online gaming – and for good reasons. It has stylish graphics, classic gameplay, and nice payouts – and those are indeed the right ingredients for a quality slot game.

Theme and Graphics

As the name suggests, The Incredible Hulk is all about the famous superhero, starting with the atmospheric music that will get you going straight away and continuing with the visual side of things. The symbols carry images that one can easily associate with the giant himself, including police cars, military helicopters, and radioactive materials.


The Incredible Hulk stays true to its name in when it comes to the actual gameplay features as well and we are sure that you are going to be delighted by how many innovative gameplay mechanics are on offer in this amazing slot game.

The wild symbol, which features the superhero himself, can trigger the Expanding Hulk feature that can boost your winnings by incredible margins in certain constellations. For example, a wild symbol that appears in the center of the third reel expands to cover the whole reel and two free spins are automatically activated (with the third reel functioning as a wild during the entire period). The wild symbol can also appear simultaneously on the second, third, and fourth reels to activate another form of the Expanding Hulk feature. Whenever that happens, all three reels start working as wilds and one free spin is awarded to the player.

Aside from that, a grand total of 10 free spins is activated whenever three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels at the same time. Excitingly, all those free spins come with a 3x win multiplier and additional free spins can be won, allowing players to win generous amounts of cash. And, finally, we cannot forget about the special bonus game that is activated whenever the bonus symbols appear on reels one and five, giving players a chance to win additional coins by smashing police cars and helicopters in an interactive minigame.


Like all the other slots from the Marvel series, The Incredible Hulk is also connected to the multi-level progressive Marvel Power Jackpot that allows you to win one of the steadily increasing prizes. Getting an entry into the fabulous jackpot minigame is all about luck, although playing with higher bets does indeed increase your chances of getting closer to the Ultimate Power Jackpot, which can turn your life upside down with its earth-shattering payouts.


The Incredible Hulk is a slot game that is going to grip you with its flashy graphics and numerous fun features that work together to deliver a truly complete gaming experience. That alone would be enough for it to be a top-class slot, but throw in the fact that there are also four progressive jackpots to be won and it is easy to see that The Incredible Hulk is indeed something special. So go ahead and start enjoying this premium slot game right now!

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