Blackjack is easily one of the most popular and commonly found games in the casino. Due to the game’s simple to follow rules (don’t go over 21 and beat the casino’s hand) and easy to play nature, blackjack is a staple of casinos around the world, both live and online. Here we look at how to severely reduce the casino’s advantage.

However, if you treat blackjack as more than just a fun to play game, and take the effort to learn basic blackjack strategy, you can reduce the casino’s edge to just 0.80%. That’s right, basic strategy – we are not talking about counting cards – reduces the house edge almost completely.

Of course, casinos have for some time been trying to introduce variations of blackjack with greater advantages for the house, but these should generally be avoided. Stick to a blackjack table with regular rules and learn basic strategy – or even make a note it down and it take it to the casino with you – and you can’t go wrong.

It is possible to make Blackjack into a positive expectation game – that is, a game where the casino would actually lose money in the long run – by learning to count cards. Many basic card counting systems are available to find on the internet, if the idea appeals to you, but regardless of any card counting ability, playing the blackjack tables is still one of the better bets found in the casino.

For more about basic blackjack strategy, see here.

Good luck at the blackjack tables!