Here is the third of our “Five Best Casino Wagers” series, which concerns the popular casino card game Baccarat.

#3: Baccarat – The Banker Bet (1.17%)
Baccarat is a popular game with the high rollers in the casino, but players of all shapes, sizes and bankrolls can be found at the Baccarat tables, due to the game’s easy to follow rules.

Two cards are dealt to the “player” (this title passes around the table) and to the dealer. Kings, queens, jacks and tens are all assigned the value of 0, while the other cards are all worth their face value (aces counting as 1). The value of the hands dealt are calculated by simply adding the values together and taking the final digit. If a player is dealt five or lower, than he has to hit.

So for example, if a player is dealt and 6 and a 9, the hand value is 5: 6 + 9 = 15, the final digit being a 5. In this particular example, the player must take another card as the hand is equal to or lower than 5.

Whether or not the banker draws another card depends on other factors in lie with a chart of values.

There are just three types of Baccarat wager: “player”, “banker”, or “tie”; in other words, bet on the player to win, the banker to win or the hand values being equal. Betting on the tie pays odds of 8/1, but with a house edge of 14%, this is not an especially nice Baccarat wager and should be avoided at all costs.

Winning bets on the player will pay off at even money, but the house edge on these particular bets is slightly more than that of backing the banker, which pays at 19/20 (even money, minus a 5% commission that goes to the house). The house edge of the banker bet is 1.17% compared to the 1.36% house edge of backing the player.

This makes the Baccarat table home to one of the lowest house edge bets found in the casino, so if you’re looking to play an enjoyable casino table game, as well as stretching your bankroll as far as possible, the Baccarat banker bet could be the one for you.