In the fifth and final part of our guide to the “Five Best Casino Wagers”, we take a look at the casino card game Three Card Poker, also known as Casino Brag.

#5: Three Card Poker – Pair Plus (2.32%)

Three Card Poker can be found in pretty much every casino, be it a land based one or an online casino. Two types of Three Card Poker can be played – “ante” and “pair plus”. The individual player must choose which of the two games to play before the hand is dealt.

Pair plus offers the player better odds, as well as the opportunity for a greater payout. The game is easy to grasp, as no decisions need to be taken other than the size of the wager and with a house advantage if just 2.32%, it represents one of the five best best to be found within the casino.

Each player at the Three Card Poker table will be dealt – unsurprisingly – three cards. If those cards make a pair or better, the player wins the pair plus bet. If not, the player loses the stake. Pairs pay out at even money, a three card flush pays odds of 4/1, a three card straight pays out at 6/1, while a three of a kind pays odds of 30/1. Players lucky enough to make a straight flush are paid 40/1 on their wager.

Only a quarter of a player’s hands will be winning ones, so players should bring enough cash with them to cover at least ten hands.

Three Card Poker can be found at Party Casino, who are currently offering a staggering bonus of 100% up to £3,000 to all new players.