The Lord of the Rings movies hype was recently reignited by the Hobbit and slot games revolving around the same theme, gained traction once again. While it is only a matter of time until Microgaming will release a new title based on the most recent prequel, the Fellowship of the Ring slots are available at Mr Green Casino. It’s been quite a while since the first installment in the franchise was introduced, but the number of players that still enjoy the slot game is as high as it was in day one.

The software developer worked closely with movie producers, to make sure that the slot game will respect the plot, use the appropriate characters and recreate the unique atmosphere in the Lord of the rings. It comes as no surprise that the highest paying symbol was chosen to be Frodo Baggins, as this is the central character in the trilogy. In the Fellowship of the Ring slots it awards the top jackpot payout, while other symbols depict Lord Elrond, Aragorn, Lady Galadriel, Bilbo, Gimli and Arwen.

The wild symbol is represented by the Lord of the Rings Logo, while the Ring is the scatter symbol awarding free spins and multipliers. There are exactly 243 pay lines and all of them are active, with the top wager going as high as 20 coins per payline. A massive 1,900,000 coins can be won in just one spin by those who are not afraid to wager the maximum amount.

One explanation for why the seemingly obsolete slot game is so popular at Mr. Green Casino is that it features some of the most elegant animations. The Cinematic Spins presents players with some inspired scenes from the original movie, so those who enjoyed the trilogy will surely find pleasure in seeing these short clips once again. When two or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, they trigger payouts and when more of them appear, the free spins are awarded.