In this article we will take a look at the casino games with the highest and best  payout percentages, i.e the games that pay back the most to the players.

You calculate the payout percentage of a casino game by dividing the total amount paid out to players with the total amount staked by players on that game. If the total amount paid out by a certain game is $97,000 and players have spent a total of $100,000 the payout percentage is 97%. The casino has kept 3%, which is their revenue from the game and what will be used to run the casino, pay salaries and license fees, and ultimately hopefully generate a profit.

The payout percentage is normally audited by an independent third party business that specializes in checking whether a particular casino is treating its players fairly. It is very common to see these tests carried out by the international company Technical Systems Testing (TST).

Whenever TST carries out an audit of a casino they generate a report that the casino can choose to publish, and many do, to objectively prove the fairness of their games.

Net Ent Casino Games Payout

Here are some numbers from Betsson Casino, encompassing 3 months in late 2010 and early 2011. A majority of Betsson’s games come from Swedish game developer Net Entertainment. Further down this page you can find a list of all casinos using Net Entertainment casino software.

Category December 2010 January 2011 February 2011
Table games 97.14% 97.03% 97.55%
Slots 96.11% 97.71% 96.53%
Video slots 96.18% 96.93% 96.28%
Video poker 97.59% 97.78% 97.84%
Mini games 97.24% 95.89% 95.70%
Other games 86.30% 84.87% 86.70%
Total payout 96.46% 97.10% 96.70%

Based on these numbers, video poker is the game category where most money is returned to the players in the form of winnings, although the difference between video poker and the other categories is not very great.

Playtech Casino Games Payout

Let’s proceed to take a look at some numbers from a casino using Playtech casino software. The categories are unfortunately somewhat different here, making it tricky to make a precise comparison in some cases. Further down this page you can find a list of casinos using Playtech software.

Category Payout
Slots 95.02%
Table games 97.27%
Card games 96.36%
Video poker 99.97%
Poker games 98.87%
Other games/fixed odds 93.87%
Total 96.63%

Please note that these payout percentages vary somewhat between different casinos, and that live casino gambling is included here (the casino games you play against a real dealer working in front of a web cam).

In this Playtech casino, there seems to be a lot of good video poker players since the casino has paid out nearly 100%. The slots on the other hand have paid out slightly less than the Betsson slots from Net Entertainment.

What casino games are most profitable?

It should come as no surprise that no numbers are above 100% since that would make it impossible to run a casino – money for salaries and other operational costs must come from somewhere. Note though that these figures are much more in your favour than, for example, typical state-run lotteries where a large portion of the money staked by players is used by the goverment. The payout of such games is often very low and in the range 60-70%.

We can also see that slots, arguably the most popular casino game category, isn’t that bad if you consider the overall payout percentage, and they can be considered suitable for casino patrons that do not wish to learn a lot of rules and strategy in order to play. If you on the other hand are willing to learn optimal blackjack strategy, then blackjack is a better choice. If you play blackjack perfectly, the house edge is very small.

If you’re really serious and wish to get the best possible payout percentage, video poker is the thing to focus on. You must however learn optimal strategy first. We recommend you take a look at our video poker strategy articles, e.g. Strategy for Jacks or Better.

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