Spanish LottoDrawn every Thursday and every Saturday, the Spanish Lotto – better know to the Spanish natives as “La Primitiva” – is also available to play in Britain and around the world, thanks to the internet.

Where To Play

The best bookmaker to buy your Spanish Lotto tickets from is Bet365, as their odds are significantly better than many of their rivals. For example, correctly selecting three numbers on the Spanish Lotto six ball draw with Bet365 returns £701 from a £1 stake. The same bet with Coral, for example pays just £601!


The Spanish Lotto requires players to choose numbered balls from the 49 that will enter the drawing machine. Six numbers plus a seventh “Bonus Ball” will eventually be drawn.

Players can select between one and five different numbers to bet on, and all of them must be drawn in order to win a prize. To increase the likelihood of this happening, players can opt to play the Seven Number Spanish Lotto draw, which allows them to utilise the Bonus Ball, but this will decrease their potential winnings.

Players can also bet as much or as little as they like, giving great flexibility. The exact returns from a winning Spanish Lotto bet will depend on the amount wagered, the number of balls chosen and which draw is played. These payouts are detailed below.

Spanish Lotto Payouts

Six Ball Draw (first six numbers only)
One correctly chosen number = 13/2
Two correctly chosen numbers = 66/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 700/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 10,000/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 150,000/1

Seven Ball Draw (first six plus Bonus Ball)
One correctly chosen number = 11/2
Two correctly chosen numbers = 44/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 440/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 5,000/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 50,000/1

NB: Spanish Lotto payouts taken from Bet365.

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