The developers from Net Entertainment seem to be full of exciting ideas this year and they have now added yet another exciting release, which is called Space Wars, to the overall tally. There are quite a few video slot games with the space theme out there already, but we dare to say that it wouldn’t be that surprising to see the Space Wars video slot overtaking most of them in the popularity charts. It is simple, it is cute, and it can pay out plenty of coins – what else would anyone really want?

Theme and Graphics

As the name of the slot suggests, players will be in for a thrilling ride through the various galaxies. The extra-terrestrial species living in those galaxies can be found on the game’s symbols, while the wild symbol presents itself with big white letters, so you are never going to miss it among all those spectacular creatures.

The neat graphics would probably be enough on their own, but the Space Wars video slot also offers fitting music and stunning animations to make sure that everything is as neat as it could possibly be.


There is not anything overly innovative when it comes to the gameplay department, but that certainly doesn’t mean that Space Wars isn’t enjoyable. In fact, it is more enjoyable than most of the video slots out there – and that is especially true if you are one of those players that like to just sit back and enjoy things moving forward.

The setting is fairly standard with five reels and four rows, although the number of bet lines stands a bit higher than in most video slot games, as players can bet on 40 of them on ten different bet levels.

In terms of actual features, there are only two things that deserve a mention. First of all, there is the wild symbol that acts just as you would expect it to.

The second feature is called Re-Spin and it is triggered by any winning bet line. Basically, you are going to get one free re-spin on a different set of reels, with the winning symbol from the original winning line appearing more often on those reels. And, to make things even more aesthetically pleasing, you are also going to be treated to some fanciful animations on the way to the new riches.


At first glance, the Space Wars video slot might look a bit bland. Well, it is indeed quite bland if you are looking for one of those massively-hyped games with modern graphics and cinematic sequences. However, the truth is that it is also a game that will be enjoyed by every enthusiastic video slots fan. Everything moves at a very quick pace and there are no distractions that could turn your focus away from the action – in fact, you can even turn the auto-play mode on and just enjoy the intergalactic drama unfold on your screen. And, with a little bit of luck, that drama will have a happy ending and you will be able to walk away with an overflowing wallet.

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Rating 4.1 by CasinoGamesReview