At Ladbrokes you can now satisfy both your passion for sports and win serious cash in slot games, by playing Shoot!. This is the newest triple bonus video slot introduced by the online casino, and much to the players’ delight it features some of the best footballers of all time.

The vintage look is suitable for a game that draws inspiration from the Shoot! Magazine which was published for the first time almost 45 years ago. The 50 pay line slot game is a welcomed diversion from modern games that have lost their connection with sports, and despite the retro feel the graphics are sharp and the animations second to none.

In Shoot! players are not limited to a single bonus, but can increase their gains by taking advantage of two distinct features triggered by the Trade ‘Em Bonus. It takes at least three bonus scatter symbols to appear on the reels for this feature to become active and an interesting minigame commences. Players need to choose four trading cards out of a total of 12, and depending on how lucky they are the prizes they reveal will be higher or lower.

When playing Shoot! players can unlock more bonus levels by accessing the Magazine bonus, or settle for some of the many free spins. These can range from 10 to 35, and there is even a special feature that when activated doubles the amount won during the free spins. For the time being, Shoot! is only available at Ladbrokes Casino, so those who don’t want to wait any longer for playing should open an account right away.