Warships, submarines, and an adrenaline-filled atmosphere – that is certainly something that was missing on the video slot scene for a very long time. Thankfully, the developers from Net Entertainment have decided to fill that void with their new video slot game, which is called Silent Run. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be a submarine operator, Silent Run is exactly what you are looking for – and you should give it a shot even if you’re just looking around for a top quality slot!

Theme and Graphics

The one thing that deserves a mention straight away is the visual side of the game. With so many fancy games around, it is hard to do something that would stand out, but Silent Run does indeed stand out with its simple elegance – and it certainly isn’t claustrophobic, as one could easily expect due to its theme.

The symbols themselves are all about naval warfare, with submarines, warships, torpedoes and mines being in the spotlight. The bonus symbol, which can get you to a very interesting bonus game, features a radar icon, while the wild symbol depicts an alarm light that will always let you know when to sharpen your focus. And, to top things off, the music, which is full of suspense and tension, is exactly what you would want it to be, as you will indeed feel like a submarine operator looking for the right target.


Virtually every single spin in Silent Run will bring you closer to the goal of getting to real action, as you will be constantly keeping an eye on the echo bonus symbols that can appear on the middle reel and activate the exciting bonus game, assigning you a random number of torpedoes in the process. You will then be able to use those torpedoes as your ammunition in the actual bonus game, since you are going to need them in order to take a few enemy ships down. The reward? Well, a solid payout will await, with each ship being worth a different amount and each torpedo carrying a different multiplier, which increases after every single hit.

Apart from that, there is also the obligatory wild symbol that substitutes for all the regular symbols. And, to make things even more interesting, you can also be lucky enough to find an echo wild symbol (in the form of a red radar icon) on the central reel, which will then send out three solar signals that will search the other reels in order to uncover additional wilds.


Silent Run will most probably become one of those hidden gems of the video slot gaming scene. It has all the right ingredients for being very successful and it will undoubtedly find a fairly large audience, but the theme will probably limit it a little bit. Nevertheless, the hidden gems are what the true gamers like the most – so head over to your favourite online casino and start enjoying your submarine experience straight away!

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Rating 4.3 by CasinoGamesReview