Time is always of the essence and even those players who regards poker as a pastime, with prefer casinos where the action is fast-paced. Microgaming online casinos are happy to oblige and Ladbrokes spearheads the offensive led by the software developer, with these three card poker variant.

Don’t be hasty and assume that High Speed Poker is the same as the traditional 3 Card Poker game, because although there are some similarities, the differences are considerable. This game was included in the Gold Series circuit which means that it features state-of-the-art visuals meant to recreate the setting in a live casino. On the other hand, the multi-hand feature enables the user to play as many as five hands against the dealer at once, which is immensely satisfying for adrenaline junkies.

The gaming routine is straightforward, with the player placing an ante bet for any number of hands that he intends to play. Players have a broad range of bets to choose from with a minimum one being of one credit and the maximum wager going as high as 200 credits. Those who feel lucky and want to maximize their profits should place an additional bonus bet at the same time as the ante bet. For each ante bet, the player will have three cards revealed, while the bonus bet is the one to be settled.

When playing High Speed Poker at Ladbrokes it is possible to win this special wager even if you choose to fold your cards or lose the hand, and the payouts range depending on what cards you are being dealt. Three cards sharing the same color will pay twice the amount invested, while if they are all suited the payout will be three times as high. Of course, the highest payout comes when the player makes three of a kind, with a huge 27:1 ratio in store.

This means that all other outcomes lead to the loss of the bonus bet and the game proceeds with the standard rounds. The Play Bet is exactly the same as the ante, which is matched if the dealer doesn’t have at least a Queen high to qualify for the hand. When hands are tied, the stakes are returned while if the dealer’s hand is better than the players, the latter loses his investment. During standard play, straights pay 1:1, three of a kind leads to profits that are four times higher while the straight flush will pay 7 to 1.