Robin Hood: Shifting Riches is an exciting video slot game from the Net Entertainment company that is always trying to bring new innovations to the gaming market and all players should be delighted to know that Robin Hood: Shifting Riches does indeed deliver in that regard. It is a premium video slot – and we are convinced that it will soon become one of your favourite games as well.

Theme and Graphics

Everyone knows the classic tale of Robin Hood – and the short animated sequence at the beginning of the game will put you straight into the action. You will certainly be amazed right from the start – quite simply, this video slot is a visual feast brimming with freshness.

Familiar characters are depicted on the individual symbols, with Robin Hood himself leading the way as the most valuable symbol in the game, meaning that you are always going to be delighted by seeing him appear from the depths of the mythical forest. Three special symbols – the wild symbol, the free spins symbol, and the money bag symbol – also appear, all marked with clear graphics.


As the name of the game suggests, this game is all about shifting riches – Robin Hood has always been shifting them from the bad guys and, who knows, perhaps you will able able to follow him in the very same footsteps by shifting some nice payouts into your online casino account. The innovative shifting reels feature can certainly make that possible – basically, the game does not stop whenever you hit a winning bet line. Instead, the reels shift to the right, giving you a chance to increase your winning – and all that fun comes with fabulous multipliers of up to x5.

Money bags are the second innovative feature that can be found in this game. The concept might be fairly simple, but it needs to be said that it gives this game something extra. Throughout the gameplay, players can sometimes manage to collect money bags into their chest (where they can stay for up to one year). Four money bags in a single chest will then be rewarded by a nice bonus of 10 free spins (with each extra chest gifting ten more). These free spins are indeed truly special – in fact, they are your exclusive chance to win big. One of the main symbols becomes an extra wild, more free spins can be won by getting regular free spins symbols, and winning bet lines get more exciting than ever before – you can just sit back and enjoy all those coins flowing in your direction!


Robin Hood: Shifting Riches is a game that will please all kinds of players with its amazing graphics, innovative gameplay features and fantastic payouts. It is indeed one of those games that can be regularly seen on the top of various popularity lists – and it is there for some very good reasons. Give it a spin or two – we are sure that you are going to be returning for more soon after that.

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Rating 4.1 by CasinoGamesReview