It is not a novelty that Casino Tropez is the place where some of the best progressive jackpots can be won, as this is a proud member of the casinos family powered by Playtech. The winter holidays are the time of the year when the number of players increases dramatically, and right now over $7 million in jackpots are waiting for lucky players.

There are plenty of games that carry progressive jackpots but a select few are responsible for awarding the top ones. A shining example is the Gladiator Jackpot slot which was inspired by the movie bearing the same name and featuring Russell Crowe as the lead character. The jackpot has exceeded $1.2 million and with so many new players drawn by the prize, the total amount grows at a fast pace.

Another progressive jackpot of epic proportions is awarded by a slot game that Casino Tropez is very proud of, called Beach Life. In a matter or days if not hours it will also exceed one million dollars and players know all too well that the sky is the limit. Last time it awarded an impressive jackpot of more than $8 million, and it is only a matter of time until this will happen again.

The developers couldn’t have possibly thought of a better title for the Gold Rally slot game as it has the potential of turning into a gold mine for a lucky player. Right now the jackpot stands at roughly $800,000 but it is very likely for the total amount to cross the one million threshold soon. Speaking of games whose titles speak for themselves, Casino Tropez has recently added Everybody’s Jackpot to its collection. The winner receives the lion’s share of 70%, but many more bask in his glory by splitting the remaining 30%.