Online casino games have a limited lifespan, and titles such as Reel Thunder are usually retired after a couple of years. This particular online slot is still going strong and with casinos such as Ladbrokes keeping them in their lineup, players can still enjoy the thrills of a classic game.

Developed by Microgaming, Reel Thunder was introduced to all online casinos running on their software and each week, it makes players from all over the world richer. Tens of thousands of euros have been won in late January and early February, which means that players are still very passionate about this online slot. It might seem surprising, given the fact that there is no bonus feature or bonus game no free spins, and no animations are triggered when winning combinations are hit.

Reel Thunder is a classic game that old-school players appreciate, so it is still successful despite the fact that it lacks many of the innovative features introduced more recently by Microgaming. The road rage theme is what defines this title and with that maximum payout of 10,000 coins per active pay line, it still has enough juice to keep players wired. All the symbols are consistent with this theme, with reels being scattered with flaming roads, wheels, speedometers and cruising logos.

There are no low or high value cards symbols, as the developers chose to replace them with ones depicting various assortments of foods, such as fried eggs, beer, hot dogs, spicy nachos and pancakes. The wild logo represents the wild symbol while the engine stands for the scatter symbol, and the maximum jackpot is of 100,000 credits. At Ladbrokes, highrollers can wager as many as 10 credits each time they spin the reels, which translates into a massive 90 credits bet per spin.