These days, it seems that every single games developer is rushing to come up with innovative concepts that could grab the attention of the community for a decent amount of time. However, not all of them are successful in their attempts – and many such tries have fizzled out way before they could establish themselves on the video slot gaming scene. Thankfully, Net Entertainment’s newest video slot, Reel Rush, seems to be a genuine attempt at making a real splash in the water with its superb features, flashy graphics, and flawless audiovisuals.

Theme and Graphics

Net Entertainment have nearly always tried to get some sort of a story into their video slot games, but Reel Rush is a bit different in that regard, with the theme being pretty generic and the players being thrown into action straight away. That, however, doesn’t mean that its audiovisuals would be bad or uninteresting. To be fair, they are colorful, stylish, and rather flawless, even though the harshest of critics could easily dismiss them as too generic.

Nevertheless, it is hard to argue with strawberries and pineapples flying around, especially since they are coupled with a similarly stylish soundtrack that you simply won’t want to turn off at any point.


Alright, the audiovisuals might be slightly blander than we would like them to be, but what about the gameplay? Well, the gameplay is stunningly enjoyable – and we are sure that you are going to enjoy it as much as we have.

Apart from the classic wild symbol, which acts as a substitute for all the other symbols, the entire game is focused around re-spins and free spins. A winning combination in any spin of the main game activates one additional re-spin, with the maximum set at five – and, to top things off, the number of possible winning lines increases with each re-spin.

Your very first spin might start with only a few chances for you to win, but you can reach up to 1875 ways to win during the fifth re-spin. And, as if that wouldn’t already be enough, a winning combination after the fifth re-spin will trigger a true reel rush, giving you eight free spins and 3125 ways to win during every single one of them!


To sum things up – Reel Rush is a game that explores a concept that we haven’t really seen before on the video slot gaming scene. That alone would be enough for it to stand out and make a real impact, but throw in the fact that it also comes with superb craftsmanship in the form of audiovisuals and user-friendliness and you have a game that could soon become a real staple at more than just a few online casinos. With Reel Rush already available at plenty of them, including CasinoEuro and Mr Green, you should certainly head to your favourite one and give it a spin. After all, with all those re-spins and free spins flying around, there is a good chance that it is going to turn into a fairly long spin bonanza!

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Rating 4.2 by CasinoGamesReview