Red Dog Poker is one of the more popular side games that can be found at online casino sites. Also known as “Acey-Deucy” or “In-Between”, the rules are very simple to learn, and it might be possible to use a system to play this game and make a profit over time.

Red Dog Poker uses just three cards drawn from six (or occasionally eight) packs of cards. Aces are high and suit is irrelevant. An ante is paid and then two cards are dealt face up. Thereafter, there are three possible outcomes.

The cards are consecutive in rank (ie a 6-7 or T-J), in which case the hand is declared a “push” (as it is not possible to obtain a card to go between them) and the players’ ante is returned.

If the two cards drawn are identical in rank (ie 4-4 or K-K), then a third card is drawn. If it is the same rank as the two already showing, the player wins 11/1 their ante. If not, the hand is declared a “push” and the ante is again returned.

When the two cards have a gap between them, the player then has the opportunity to bet (by the same amount of the ante) that a card will fall between them. There is no obligation to do so, and suggested only done when the odds of actually seeing this happen are in your favor.

As it is harder to get a gap card if (say) a 6 and an 8 are showing, there is a sliding scale of odds depending on the size of the spread. A one card spread pays 5/1, where there is a wider, two card spread, the house pays 4/1. A three card spread pays 2/1, and anything larger pays even money. Odds are returned on the combined stake of the ante and the raise, so although it might be tempting to raise and hope to win more money on a two card spread, the only time one should really raise is when there is a seven or more card spread between the cards and the odds of seeing your card appear are actually better than evens. Please note that all draws (ie 4-9-9) are won by the house.

No systems are ever guaranteed to win, however, by using a system which slowly increases the ante value (ie Fibonacci), it is possible to double up on the favorable raises and get back any losses from unfavorable spreads. Players will find from time to time that an ante catches in a small spread, which generates a fair amount of income for small stakes. As with all systems, it is better operated with a cap far below the table maximum, but over a period of time a calculated system similar to Fibonacci might prove to be profitable.