Casinos with Playtech software are known for a very comprehensive selection of games that you can play almost anywhere, and are in general considered to be very solid and dependable. In fact, some of the best casinos on the internet use Playtech and nothing else. Here we list recommended casinos with Playtech games where you will also get a great bonus.

The Best Casinos with Playtech Games

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Playtech Leads the Online Gaming Industry

Founded more than a decade ago, Playtech had its ups and downs, with the most significant hit coming as a result of the US anti-online gaming legislation. Since that difficult moment, the company has rebounded and it is now one of the most important providers for online casinos. It covers everything from poker and bingo games, to slot machines and services both land-based and online casinos. Playtech aims to be more than a software developer and partnerships such as the one signed with Manchester United or Betfred are the best proof that they mean business.

In terms of Casino software, Playtech has developed more than 200 games and their latest creations meet and exceed the industry standards. Depending on what online casino they prefer to enjoy their favorite slots, players with be able to choose between the download and flash conversion. Customization is particularly important and much to its credit Playtech games can be customized in terms of both speed, screen size and sound effects. In terms of visual effects, their casino games feature the latest graphics that accurately recreate the sensation one feels when playing at traditional slots.

There are strong indications that Playtech aims at conquering the mobile market, and if they are to uphold the same quality standards, the sky is the limit. The company goes to great lengths to improve their players’ gaining experience, and this starts with making them feel safe and guaranteeing the fact that the games are fair. Furthermore, players can check out their playing histories and financial data for up to three months, so that any doubts can be clarified by the customer support.