Casino Hold’em varies dramatically from the online poker variety that we are all so familiar with, inasmuch as you are playing against the dealer rather than other players. In this respect there are certain advantages because you are less likely to get turned over by a bad beat, and you receive multiple odds for selected hands.

Casino Hold’em can be played online or live, and in both instances the game is played so that you place an ante to be involved in the game, and when you see your pocket cards and the flop, you then decide whether to proceed with a bet. This is referred to as a “call” and must be double the size of your ante,

Thereafter the dealer turns two further cards (which we may know as the turn and the river) and the showdown decides whether the dealer or player has won. In most varieties of the game, the dealer has to have the minimum of a pair of fours to qualify, and in the event that they do not, the ante bet is paid according to the casino’s paytable and the raise (call) is refunded. When the dealer does qualify, the ante is paid to the casino’s paytable and the ante is paid at evens – unless you have lost!

A typical paytable offers the following odds:

Royal Flush 100/1
Straight Flush 50/1
Four of a Kind 40/1
Full House 30/1
Flush 20/1
Straight 7/1

You may also find that anything from a pair of Aces to Three of a Kind receives a bonus payout – it all depends on the casino’s rules.

There is also usually a side bet option known as AA+. Here you are not betting against the house, but against your hand inasmuch as you get paid out if your hand is equal to, or better than, a pair of aces. This side bet is best left alone, for although it may pay enhanced rates for getting a superlative hand, the odds of doing so are over 8/1.

Casino Hold’em is an interesting variety on the online or live game that many of us will recognize, and the best way to play it is probably by seeing every hand and hoping to catch the premium hands that pay the higher dividends. Care should be taken however not to apply systems to your batting patterns, for a long losing streak may be ruinous to your enjoyment of the game.