Casino Tropez has a tradition for rewarding its players with large prizes, but the recent wins are surprising due to the fact that the largest winners were roulette and baccarat players. The casino features several variants for each game, and being a part of Playtech’s network allows it to showcase the latest titles created by this software developer.

The first significant win was a €250,356 prize that went to a French player named Jean Pierre was particularly lucky when betting on single numbers. Naturally, his favorite type of game was French Roulette and this particular player took full advantage of its unique La Partage rule. It states that half of every money bets when the ball lands on zero, but Pierre was willing to go a step further and put his luck to the test by focusing on bets that pay 35 to 1.

Only a day before, another player that goes by the name of Rodrigo won $146,260 while playing 7 Seat Baccarat Live. This is just one of the many live dealer games that Casino Tropez recently introduced and one of the most popular titles, where seven players joined the table. Eight decks of cards are used, which makes card counting difficult, especially with the last two decks being shuffled, not to mention that there is less time to react than in traditional online baccarat games.

Casino Tropez is one of the casinos that presents players with the opportunity of making a couple of side bets before each round. Player Pair, Either Pair and Banker Pair are among the most popular site bets, but Rodrigo was also keen on the Perfect Pair bet. This is a winner when the first two cards dealt to both the player or banker create a same suit pair.