Greek and Dutch online casino enthusiasts need to know that two important operators have announced their decisions of leaving the aforesaid markets. Betfair with exit the Greek online gambling due to conditions that are simply too volatile for what the casino giant considers to be right. Following their merger with Party casino, Bwin decided to withdraw from the Dutch market by not renewing its contract.

Betfair’s decision of leaving the Greek market might appear to be surprising, but the company has expressed its this content with local legislation for months. The costs of the gambling licenses were among those issues that the online casino were not happy with, and the discussions with the Greek government didn’t reach the desired conclusions. The company claims that the authorities have failed to provide a convincing answer and mutually beneficial solutions.

On the other hand, the authorities announced in November that any company operating without permit increase would face seedier sanctions. This is not the first time Betfair withdraws from a market, with the company ending its operations in Germany in July after failing to reach an agreement on sports event taxes. Bwin withdrew from the Dutch market as the authorities plan on changing the regulations and in the process, several important gambling operators had to exit as well.

In addition to the European troubles, is also facing adverse conditions in Australia, where it plans on withdrawing from the Misiones proceeds. This time he put the cost of maintaining the license that caused all the problems and Bwin decided that the benefits of renewing the contract would outweigh the downsides. This means that the online gambling operator will depart immediately after the existing license expires, although it will maintain a strong presence in other Argentinian provinces.