New York LottoThe New York Lottery is a recent addition to the lotto games offered by online bookmakers, but it is growing in popularity and provides lotto fans with another great game that is simple to play and can provide huge rewards! With more balls to choose from than most world lotto games, the NY Lotterypayouts tend to be much more handsome and with two draws per week – every Thursday and Sunday – there are plenty of chances to hit the jackpot!

Where To Play

The New York Lotto is becoming increasingly popular with UK bookmakers and William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral have all recently added the game to their portfolio of online lotto games. The best odds however, can be found at Coral and that is where we suggest you buy your online NY Lotto tickets.


The New York Lotto requires players to choose their numbers from a total of 59 balls, of which six will be drawn, as well as a seventh “Bonus Ball”. This gives players flexibility, as they can use the extra number to improve their chances of winning a New York Lotto prize, though the potential payout will be slightly smaller.

Players can choose up to five numbers and all must be drawn in order to win a prize, the size of which will depend on how much the player opts to stake and whether or not they chose to use the Bonus Ball. NY Lotto payouts are detailed fully below.

The New York Lotto can be played for as little as 10p, which gives players of this great new online lotto game the chance to turn a tiny sum of money into a huge win! The flexibility of the game also means that there’s something that will appeal to everyone with the NY Lotto.

New York Lotto Payouts

Six Ball Draw (first six numbers only)
One correctly chosen number = 7/1
Two correctly chosen numbers = 85/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 1,250/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 17,000/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 150,000/1

Seven Ball Draw (first six plus Bonus Ball)
One correctly chosen number = 6/1
Two correctly chosen numbers = 55/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 600/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 7,500/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 75,000/1

NB: New York Lotto payouts taken from the Coral website. Payouts may differ depending on where you opted to play the NY Lotto

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