The number of Pai Gow Poker enthusiasts might not be high if compared to other versions of poker, but online casinos do a great job in enhancing its popularity. LeoVegas Casino is one of the first to introduce the latest title released by Microgaming, a variant of Pai Gow Poker that offers players a bonus side bet.

The name of the game is Bonus Pai Gow Poker and it is supposed to be played as a single hand game, with the rules being similar to how regular Pai Gow Poker is played. The player is dealt seven cards and he needs to choose five of them that will make his hand, with the other two being subject to the rule specific to this type of poker. The game released by Microgaming pushes things into overdrive by introducing the House Way feature, which enables players to make hands automatically.

It is the optional bonus bet that spices things up and this special wager can only be placed after the ante bet, yet before the seven cards are dealt. Depending on how lucky they feel and how large their bankroll is, players can bet as little as one credit or as much as 20. Since all prizes are calculated based on the payout table, it comes as no surprise that those who invest the maximum amount can win 20 times more than those who prefer to put safety first.

Although the top prize pays 8000 to 1, LeoVegas and all other Microgaming casinos are limited to a maximum payout of 25,000 credits. The bottom line is that players who wager three coins and those who risk 20 and keep the highest paying combination will still receive the same amount. The advantage of wagering more is reflected in lower tier prizes where the total amount is below the25,000 credits cap.