Casino Tropez is not only one of the few places where players can enjoy top-quality multihand blackjack games, but also a casino that awards large payouts. November has been a particularly good month for those who enjoy this type of game, as the luckiest players won hundreds of thousands of euros.

The beauty of this blackjack variant is that you can wager on as many as five hands against the dealer, so when you win the payouts are significant. Experienced blackjack players have the advantage of seeing more hands at the same time and this helps them make an educated decision when choosing whether to stay or hit. On the downside, there are certain risks that players need to accept, and proper bankroll management is very important to prevent lengthy downswings.

Arguably the largest jackpot awarded in November at Casino Tropez was the one who won by Thi thanh in Blackjack Multihand 5. The lucky player took home a massive £310,615 on November 18, while the next in line was Alexsey who won almost $100,000 in the same game. The rules for this type of blackjack are slightly different from traditional one, but the differences are negligible and players can master the game relatively quickly.

Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5 has a more glamorous name than the aforementioned game, but the largest winner was Allessandro who won only €30,000. Blackjack Surrender is another popular type of blackjack and Agnes manage to win CAD 29,625 the same day Thi thanh won more than 10 times the amount. The reason for why these big winners won prizes in different currencies, is that Casinos Tropez enables members to play in their national currency.