Moneybookers was one of the first electronic wallets to empower players deposit and withdraw money to online casinos, and it builds a good reputation over time. The re-branding didn’t change anything and players are just as satisfied with the services provided under the Skrill brand. They have plenty of reasons to rejoice, as the management announced a partnership with loyalty programs and promotional goods supplier Initial Rewards.

The two companies will work together to set up a loyalty store for VIP Skrill customers, allowing them to purchase promotional products using the points earned. This original rewards scheme is expected to provide new and existing members with the impetus to keep using Moneybookers services. Under the Skrill umbrella, clients will be looked after and their loyalty lavishly rewarded and if online gambling will be finally legalized in the United States, American customers will enjoy the same outstanding services.

Skrill is already one of the most important online payment providers in Europe and now that it has acquired Paysafecard, it is ready to set up an operational base in United States. The competition among e-wallets providers in the US is steep, but Skrill has the tools and reputation to conquer new frontiers and could become the online payment provider of choice for American customers. The company intends to establish a beachhead in New York, and gradually expand nationwide immediately after legislation will allow online gambling in the United States.