Getting your favourite casino downloaded onto your mobile phone or hand-held device is easy, free and safe. Provided your cell phone or smartphone supports Java apps (most do), or is an Android, iPhone or iPad, you will be able to enjoy hours of fun from anywhere in the world that has normal mobile phone service. In some instances WAP support is also needed, or is an alternative to Java / iPhone. Here we have a look at casinos that offer games for mobiles and other handheld devices such as iPad.

Best Mobile Casinos

If you are already signed up with an online casino, it is more than likely that they already have a mobile client, and you can continue playing with your existing account when away from your computer. If you do not already have an account with a specific casino, or would like to try a different one, you can normally download the software by visiting their site from your mobile phone, or some sites have the facility to request a link via SMS.

On a mobile device you can typically enjoy roulette, several forms of Blackjack, video poker and a selection of slot machines. Even on a small display these games are easy to play and look great.

Mobile Casino Money Management

All your winnings are credited to your account in the same way as they would be “online”, and depositing and withdrawing is secure over your mobile phone as it is online – the casinos use the same encrypted technology as they do for e-commerce and personal privacy over the Internet.

One thing you may need to look out for is the time you spend playing online and the costs that your mobile phone service provider charges for internet data. Casino games normally require a data transfer of 8 – 10Mb per hour, so find out how much your time on the roulette table is going to cost you. You do not want to give all your winnings back to the phone company!

Playing casino games from your mobile can be a lot of fun and very lucrative. Because the whole casino is downloaded onto your phone, and not just individual games, you have plenty of choice available and can top-up, play, win and withdraw twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.