Microgaming online casinos are famous for their variety of games and the high prizes, but among these titles the Mega Moolah stands out from the crowd. Betway is one of the casinos powered by their software where players can compete for the jackpot that now exceeds 5 million credits. The last time the prize got this high was more than three years ago when the lucky player took home 6 million credits.

What makes this progressive jackpot special is that immediately after someone wins, it resets and the next winner will cash in on at least $1 million. This has happened countless times since Mega Moolah was released, but Klaus and Georgios were the ones who won the largest amounts in 2008 and 2009. The first won 5.5 million credits and the latter remains the only one to have won over 6 millions.

Now that the jackpot stands at 5.2 million credits and grows by roughly 50,000 per day, the odds are for the next winner to tie or surpass Klaus. In the unlikely case that nobody is lucky enough to win the jackpot by the end of the month, the one who will finally prevail at Mega Moolah will be crowned the largest winner in this progressive jackpots history.

The odds for this to happen are relatively low, because players from all over the world are focusing all their attention on this game. Betway is just one of the Microgaming online casinos where players can become millionaires, but there are other places where they are just as enthusiastic. Many questions are yet to be addressed, about the nationality, gender and location of the future winner, as well as which game will produce the new millionaire. Lord of the Rings, Mega Moolah, 5 Reel Drive, The Dark Knight, Summertime and Isis are the games that qualify for the jackpot.