The online gaming community is always delighted when it comes to releases of new innovative games, but the developers from Microgaming have decided to deliver something truly unique. In fact, their new game, called Max Damage and the Alien Attack, might actually revolutionize the entire industry. What Max Damage brings is a completely new gaming experience that is going to catch your attention straight away – and it certainly is not going to let you off the hook anytime soon.

Theme and Graphics

Retro arcade games are once again gaining popularity these days and Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a game that tries its best to get us back to the days of Space Invaders and similar games. The graphics do indeed feature a modern touch, however, so everything is as clear as it can possibly get. Max Damage also excels when it comes to the overall atmosphere, which is as nostalgic as you could expect from a game like this. Retro music and sound effects are included as well, making the game a truly complete package.


So what is so revolutionary about Max Damage and the Alien Attack? Well, it is how the game is played! In Max Damage, players are put into the position of a brave pilot that moves around and shoots his way through numerous waves of alien ships. The controls are simple – just use the arrow keys to move your ship and the spacebar to shoot (alternatively, you can activate the auto fire feature). As in the good old days, you can collect various upgrades and boosters in order to make your spaceship more powerful. However, you also have to watch out for all incoming enemies, since you only have a set amount of shields, health, and lives.

Bets of ten coins are placed by destroying alien ships or parts of the various bosses, but you are obviously also rewarded for doing well and bringing your enemies down. Additional freebies can be collected as well, giving you an opportunity to win up to 40 000 coins. And, if you are good enough to defeat all bosses (there are nine levels in total, with the difficulty increasing as you move up to the higher ones), you will be rewarded with a total payout of up to 110 000 coins.


As we have already mentioned, Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a game that has what it takes to revolutionize the world of online gaming. Whether it is going to do that or not is a completely different matter, but we believe that it is one of the most enjoyable slot games that are out there at the moment and that everyone should find a way to give it a shot. Unlike classic slot games, Max Damage allows players to assume control of the situation – and such a tremendous feature is undoubtedly going to be loved by plenty of them, especially with the leaderboard feature thrown in for long-term replayability.

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