Super Lucky Frog at CasinoEuro continues to live up to its name, especially for one lucky married Finnish couple who both managed to hit the jackpot within one month of each other, winning just under €80,000 each.

CasinoEuro invited Marko and Päivi, the super lucky winners, to their offices in Malta to enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun, congratulate them and find out how they felt after such magnificent wins!

Marko, you joined CasinoEuro about six months ago. How did you find out about CasinoEuro?
Marko: I had tried a couple of other places before CasinoEuro but then I saw a TV ad on the Discovery Channel, as a perk there was a nice 100% up to €100 bonus so I decided to give it a try. Deposit worked smoothly as well as withdrawing, so the trustworthiness was clear from the beginning. I saw I could trust the company and I increased little by little and I even got my wife interested which was nice.

Is there something special that you like about CasinoEuro?
Marko: The games that you offer, when we start to play we go through half of the games available, so you won’t get bored easily.
Päivi: You have very nice games and perks, for instance before I won the jackpot you had released a new game and had given me some free spins to try it. I then deposited some money and that same night I won the jackpot.

Päivi, you were the first one to win the jackpot. If we go back to the night when you won, can you describe how you felt at the time?
Päivi: It was such an incredible feeling, we were lying on our corner couch, Marko was playing poker and I was playing Super Lucky Frog and in the middle of everything I just yelled “Supeeeer” at Marko. When he raised himself to see what was happening he was saying “can’t be”. You can clearly see the amount that had been won but I was in such a state of panic that I didn’t realise how big the amount was but then I started to see the money rolling in and my feet started shaking. Even our neighbour came to see what was happening when they heard me screaming, as they thought something serious had happened. It was a big relief when you called after ten minutes to congratulate us, then I finally realised that it was true. It was so good to hear the confirmation as I was worried that I may have played with play money.

Marko, you won approximately a month later. How did you break the news to Päivi or were you together again at the time?
Marko: No, we weren’t together, it’s actually quite funny. I work on a ferry and I was in the staff quarters where we have wireless connection. I was playing late at night with a friend who was playing poker next to me. In my case, fortune also struck on Super Lucky Frog. I was amazed and I couldn’t believe it. My wife had just won a month ago and now me! First I thought about my phone because I was expecting a call like you did when my wife won. I was truly amazed after seeing how quickly she had received the winnings into her account. So I knew I would also get a call, especially since I had won a couple of thousands more. Everybody around me was just shaking their heads asking me what I had been eating and whether we had fallen into a cauldron of magic potion like Obelix, since we had been so lucky.

Can you reveal your secret behind your winnings? Do you have any type of special strategy that you use?
Marko: Incredible luck! We don’t have any real strategy whatsoever, we switch the game based on gut feelings and never play the same game for too long, maybe that’s our strategy. During each session we always go through different games and believe me there are lots of games at least over 80.
Päivi: When we play together we decide beforehand how many spins we each get to make and then we switch all the time. One thing we do is when scatters appear and you have to choose one of the boxes for the multipliers and free spins, we play rock-paper-scissors to decide which box to choose, one-two-three and then depending on the result we choose the box.

Do you have any plans on how you are going to spend your winnings?
Päivi: We are going to pay off our debts and then plan a nice trip. This was a wonderful opportunity when you invited us to Malta, were also going to renovate our house and then just enjoy our lives.
Marko: Yeah, a little bit of house renovation, travelling and paying off our debts. It will make life and the future much easier.