Slot MachinesWhether you have a favourite local casino or prefer to play online, playing slot machine games can be great fun. The slot machines are a favorite at any casino, and for good reason. With just a single coin, slot machines promise big payouts and even if you do not win big, you can still have a lot of fun along the way.

Before you sit down and start playing the slot machines, it is a good idea to check out a few things first. Whether your goal is to win the big prize or just have some fun for an afternoon or evening, being prepared can make your slot play a lot more fun, exciting and of course, rewarding.

Apply For A Loyalty Card
Many casinos offer special player cards for their customers, and signing up for one can be very rewarding. When you sign up for a loyalty card, the casino may reward you with anything from free slot machine credits or free food and drink, to loyalty points that you can later put towards merchandise or hotel stays. This is just as applicable to online casinos as it is to live, bricks and mortar casinos.

It costs absolutely nothing to sign up for a loyalty scheme, so there is no reason not to do it. Just look for the customer service or player services desk when you enter the casino, provide a photo ID and try your luck at the slots. Most online casinos automatically sign you up to their loyalty scheme, but if in doubt, speak to the customer services.

Check The Maximum Payout Of The Slot Machine
It is a good idea to check the maximum potential payout of any slot machine before you sit down and begin to play. It is not unusual for slot machines with the same coin denomination to have very different maximum payouts.

Since slot machines are totally random, your odds of winning are the same no matter which slot machine you choose, so it makes total sense to play the machine with the highest potential payout. Who knows, you may even get lucky and take down the jackpot on your very first spin!

Know the Rules Before You Play
You would never sit down to a high stakes poker game without a thorough understanding of the rules and some knowledge of what constitutes a winning hand. The slot machines are no different to any other form of casino gambling, so it is a good idea to check out the rules before you get started.

Checking the rules and payouts on a modern slot machine is easy. There is generally a button on the screen that allows you to see which symbols pay which amounts, and that makes it easy to keep track of your winnings as you go. The rules may also explain the bonus features of the machine, so you can root for that bonus each time you spin the reels or push the button. Many slot players love those bonus features, so knowing which symbols trigger them can make your slot play a lot more fun, and potentially more rewarding as well.

Online casinos will also have clearly set out rules pages and as ever, if you are in any doubt, speak to the customer services via email, telephone or live help.

Whether you are casual slot machine player or a regular, a few minutes of preparation can make a big difference. Playing the slots is a great source of entertainment, even if you do not win the big jackpot. Why not try your luck with one of Britain’s newest online casinos, Mr Green? All new casino players qualify for a welcome bonus of £250, plus 10 free spins on the exciting slots game, “Gonzo’s Quest”!

Good luck!