The designers from Net Entertainment have never been overly keen on producing games with themes that look a bit generic at first glance, but they have apparently made an exception with one of their recent releases, which is called Magic Portals. There are no reasons to worry though – even though the theme is slightly more generic than we would ideally like it to be, the rest of the game deserves top marks. And that is exactly why Magic Portals won’t get lost on the current online gaming scene.

Theme and Graphics

So what is the theme all about then? Well, it is all about magic, wizards, and mystical animals, including dragons, owls, and wolves. That is also exactly what you are going to find on the game’s symbols – in magnificent graphics, of course – alongside the classic wild and free spins symbols.

Your mystical journey through the magic portals will be always accompanied by fitting music and intriguing sound effects, so you are always going to feel like a true adventurer that is on an exciting quest in a place where magic is simply one of the everyday realities.


The graphics and everything might be solid, but we all know that gameplay is what counts the most. So how good is the Magic Portals video slot in its core? The short answer is: very good. We can hear some voices criticizing it for the lack of innovation (after all, it is your typical 5-reel and 25-line video slot), but there you go, not every single game has to be innovative in order to be exciting and enjoyable.

So what are the main gameplay features of Magic Portals? Well, they are all based around the magic portals, which are located in the centers of the first and last reels. Matching symbols that appear in those portals can transform all instances of such symbols on the reels into wild symbols, generating instant winnings – and, if those matching symbols happen to be the free spins symbols, you are going to get ten free spins and an opportunity to win additional ones later on. And have we already mentioned that more portals open during free spins, allowing you to win even more? All of those bonanzas are naturally accompanied by fabulous visual effects, adding flourish to all your sweet wins.


To sum things up, if fantasy worlds and magic are your thing, you simply have to check Magic Portals out. After all, there haven’t been any decent fantasy-themed releases for a while and most of such games are simply rather dated by today’s standards. The Magic Portals video slot doesn’t only fill that void, but it also has the potential to revive the entire genre for a completely new era – and that simply has to be a great thing, doesn’t it? So head over to your favourite online casino and start enjoying all the magic straight away – with a little bit of luck, the magic portals will fill your pockets with plenty of coins!

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Rating 4 by CasinoGamesReview