Unibet has a long tradition in awarding significant prizes to its players, but every now and then someone wins a huge amount. This recently happened as a Hungarian player claimed the Alice’s Wonderland Jackpot worth €904,495.108 the largest to be awarded in 2012. Christmas came early for him and with almost €1 million in the bank, the winter holidays can be extended almost indefinitely.

Those who think that it takes a lot of hard work, commitment and the investment of considerable amounts should think twice because the Hungarian player has been playing for just one month. Unibet didn’t disclose a lot of information about him, but what is known is the fact that he is male and his initial wager was as low as €0.85.

You don’t need to be a highroller to win big with Unibet and as long as lady luck smiles down on you with benevolence, there is nothing stopping you from breaking the bank. Alice’s Wonderland Jackpot is just one of the video slot games that players can enjoy at this online casino, and definitely not the only one offering impressive jackpots.

Whether you plan on focusing your attention solely on those games where the jackpot has already reached an impressive amount, or experiment with different titles, the chances to win are just as good. Winter promotions and special campaigns only make it more tempting to join Unibet these days, but throughout the year the online casino is a hotspot for slot game enthusiasts. In addition to slot games, players can hope to win big in table games and even live dealer games, because the offer is comprehensive.