Every now and then progressive jackpots make players filthy rich overnight and sometimes, the lucky winners are not veterans but newcomers. Casino Tropez is one of the online casino who attracts a lot of new players every week and one of those who chose them as a gracious hosts cashed in on a massive $2,034,464 jackpot. The winner goes by the name of Leonid, at least this is the alias that he used while playing French Roulette at the aforesaid casino.

On March 10 he chose this type of roulette which is famous for having the lowest house edge of all similar games and by wagering the additional bonus he entered the race for the progressive jackpot. The other two games that Casino Tropez invites players to join are the European and American versions, with the former being very similar to its French counterpart. Land-based casinos are rarely including this game in their offer because their don’t like the idea of running games with insignificant house edge.

Casino Tropez on the other hand pays close attention to what the players demand and French Roulette is a very popular game in their online inventory. Just two days ago another player who likes to call herself Sylvia won €56,444 while playing a table game and unlike the jackpot winner, she is a veteran. Scott is another player who enjoys playing here and now that he won over $300,000 in a couple of days, he has even more reasons to stick around.

Other winners collected significant amounts while playing slot machines, with Gladiator Jackpot and Desert Treasure being the most popular ones. Players from Australia, Switzerland and South Africa won the highest amounts and they were all paid in their national currency.