Cryptologic online casinos are on a releasing frenzy, and the trigger for this flurry of new slots is Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this popular holiday and online casino players have their own way of combining fun with pleasure. One of the most appreciated releases is Love Bugs which has already gone live at 888 Casino, just in time to have players raise some money for presents.

Without being the only thematic slot game released by Cryptologic, Love Bugs is the one that has the highest number of active players. It goes without saying, that this romantic slot game involves two special characters, a bug and his lady bug lover. The good news is that both symbols act as wild ones, which means that they can replace other signs and create a plethora of winning combinations. On the bad side, the lady bug can only appear on the first reel, while the love bug is a common sight on the fifth reel.

There is also a scatter symbol, and in Love Bugs it is depicted by the Heart which makes perfect sense since the slot game was dedicated to Valentine’s Day. The remaining symbols are also consistent with this holiday celebrating love and affection, so get ready to be overwhelmed by champagne, perfume, diamond rings, necklaces, chocolate and flowers.

One of the symbols that will linger in the collective memory of players is the boat navigating a Venice canal, but there is literally more than meets the eye about this sign. Players can win as much as 5000 coins and even more during the Valentine’s Day bonus game, which is triggered by the two love bugs appearing simultaneously. They are the ones collecting the credits falling from the sky, as they navigate the twisted canals and share a romantic adventure.