Lotto games have been popular ever since numbers were first written down and currency traded. Simple to understand, with no need to learn complex strategies or rules and with the promise of huge, life changing rewards, it’s easy to see why so many people love to play Lotto.

Here we provide you with the essential information about online Lotto games from around the world. Thanks to the internet, you aren’t limited to simply playing the national lottery game of your home country, you can get involved with lots of different lotto games from all across the globe, giving you even more chances to win big bucks!

Here are the most popular lotto games that are available to play online:


49s SiS Lotto GameA twice daily lotto game found in most high street betting shops, 49s gives you the chance to win up to £15,000 for simply picking five numbers from 49 balls – and you can now play online! Three numbers generally pays around £600 for a £1 stake, and this is one of the more popular ways to play the 49s.

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Irish Lotto

Irish LottoIreland’s national lottery game is another staple of the high street bookmaker that is now available to play online. There are three Irish Lotto draws per week – on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday – and like the 49s, picking three numbers is the most common way to play. This generally pays out £576 to a £1 stake, as there are only 45 numbers to choose from.

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New York (NY) Lotto

New York LottoThe New York Lotto is growing in popularity due to its more lucrative rewards, though players must successfully choose their numbers from a larger than usual selection of 59 balls. However, do so and you’ll generally collect around £1,251 for picking three numbers (£1 stake) and up to £150,000 for picking five from five!

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Spanish Lotto

Spanish LottoSpain’s twice weekly “La Primitiva” lotto game requires players to choose from 49 balls and will usually return around £600 for a £1 stake for successfully picking three numbers, with as much as £150,000 for choosing five.

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