Craps is one of the more colourful casino games and its players can be equally curious characters. The game has evolved a weird and wonderful vocabulary, as well as some strange traditions and superstitions. The following is a craps “etiquette” guide, which should help the novice craps player to interact with their fellow players – without upsetting them!

Never, under any circumstances, say the word “seven” at a craps table, as this will cause a seven to be thrown.

Don’t let your hands get too close to the craps layout, because if the dice hit them, this will have a negative impact, increasing the chances of a seven appearing.

When the stickman hands the dice to the shooter, make sure that they aren’t showing seven, as this will increase the chances of the dreaded seven being thrown.

If you accidentally shoot the dice off the craps table, make sure to ask for the same dice, as a new set will increase the chances of a seven being thrown next time.

Do not talk to the player shooting the dice when he or she is holding the dice, as any loss of concentration could cause a seven to be thrown.

Do not talk to player shooting the dice even when they aren’t holding the dice, as this will also distract them, increasing the chances of a seven appearing.

Make sure you know exactly what bets you have placed on the craps layout, so as to avoid arguments. Arguments slow the game down for all players, but they also distract the shooter and we all know what happens when the shooter loses concentration.

Definitely avoid touching the dice shooter, as even the most well meaning pat on the back can have dire consequences. A seven will almost certainly be thrown.

Try not to shout out the number that you want to appear, as it will almost certainly have the opposite effect.

Of course, it is worth remembering that due to the human nature of the dice shooter, craps is a completely random casino game, but in the eyes of the superstitious players, it definitely isn’t! Every action at the craps table, no matter how slight, can have an impact and it will be your fault if it turns out to be a negative one!

Even though this guide to craps etiquette and tradition is meant to a bit of light hearted, tongue in cheek fun, many players really do buy into the myths, so adhere to the superstitions and try not to upset the other players. After all, casino craps is meant to be enjoyable for everyone.

Have a good time at the craps table!