If you’re into Blackjack you have to check out the live tournaments at Cherry Red Casino. These Blackjack tournaments match you against the skill of other players. At the end of the rounds, the last one standing is the player with the most chips. The house only deals and has no house advantage – the battle is against your fellow gamers.

There are single tournaments that run 24/7 and multi tournaments that are scheduled.

Single Tournaments run 24 x 7 in two different formats: Head to Head play (MANO a MANO) and SIT n GO’s.

  • MANO a MANO: Requires a minimum/maximum of 2 Players. 10 second countdown begins once 2 Players have joined. Single Tournaments last 10 Rounds. Winner takes all.
  • SIT-n-GO:  Requires a minimum of 3 players to start. Maximum 6 Players. 2 Minute Countdown begins once 3 or more players have joined the table. Single Tournaments last 10 Rounds. Top 2 Players get paid. Prize details are located to the right.

MultiTournaments are always scheduled events. Click on the MultiTournament Tab to access the games menu.

  • To register for a MultiTournament, highlight the tournament you wish to enter. Click Register. Accept or Decline registration.  Tournament will begin within 10 minutes of scheduled time.
  • The Tournament Director will provide tournament details in a broadcast message as Tournament Levels are being determined. Once Tournament Levels have been established, the players seat will be identified by a (YOU) on the table ID you are playing.
  • If you advance to the next level of a MultiTournament, please wait as other tables finish.
  • Prize Purses and their distribution vary depending on amount of Players.