Let It Ride StrategyLet It Ride is a popular online casino game based on the standard rules of poker. The idea of the game is to create a hand containing a pair of 10′s or better based on the three cards that you are dealt and the two dealt to the dealer (In some casinos or in single hand play, you may find the five cards lined up in front of you – three face up and two hidden, the “Turn” and “River”).

The success or otherwise of playing this game is based on your betting action, as it follows a unique system whereby you place an ante and two additional bets of the same value on the “Turn” and “River” (or the two cards held by the dealer). After you have seen the flop (first three cards) you can determine whether to withdraw one of your bets or to “Let It Ride”. You have the same opportunity after the “Turn”, so by the time that the river card is revealed you may have one, two or three times your stake, running on the outcome of the hand.

Bets are paid out on the total stake still on the table to a payscale that will be advertised on the site, but generally the reward for having a pair of 10´s or better are Evens, with greater odds of up to 1.000/1 for a Royal Flush. There is also a Bonus Bet which requires an additional stake, that will pay out enhanced odds on Three of a Kind or better, up to 30.000/1 for the Royal Flush. As the game is played with just one pack, as a single player the odds of getting 10´s or better is just over 4/1, but if you are dealt a qualifying pair in the first three cards you are actually getting paid 5/1, and if you get a high pair on the turn after having withdrawn a chip, you are still getting 3/1.

Therefore, it is to your advantage only to let any bet ride if it has a winning hand in it already or three card straight. Even played with this strategy, the house edge is 3.50%. Some players also like to include any three card combination in the range AKQJT. It is never recommended to play the bonus bet as the house edge on this is over 25%! Overall, by playing selected opening hands and sizing your bets appropriately, you may show a profit if the cards fall in your favour – just like the real thing!